The Eswatini Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association – (EOCGA) is beaming with pride following a successful, first ever Gender Equality Forum.

The forum was attended by several esteemed guests, including the Honorable Minister of Sports, Culture, and Youth Affairs, Bongani Nzima, who represented the Deputy Prime Minister. Additionally, the forum was graced by the presence of the 2nd Vice President of ANOCA (Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa) and Chairperson of the ANOCA Gender Equity Commission, Matlohang Moiloa Ramoqopo, as well as the SASCOC (South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee) COO, Patience Shikwambana.

The forum began with welcoming remarks from the Chief executive Officer of EOCGA, Mr. Maxwell Jele before handing over to the President of EOCGA, Adam Mthethwa who made his opening remarks. Local Gender Equity Commission Chairperson, Ms. Pearl Dlamini also shared the objectives and the expected outcomes of the forum, drawing her presentation also on a survey that was conducted by EOCGA in October last year among our 23 member bodies of which 18 responded to the survey, thus providing enough grounds to draw conclusions on the survey.

It was then followed shortly by the keynote address by Matlohang Moiloa Ramoqopo, the 2nd Vice President of ANOCA and Chairperson of the ANOCA Gender Equity Commission. Her address emphasized the importance of gender equity in sports from an African perspective.

Matlohang Moiloa Ramoqopo gave a presentation on gender equity in sports, focusing on the African perspective. Her presentation shed light on the challenges faced by women in sports and highlighted the initiatives undertaken by ANOCA to promote gender equality across the African continent

Patience Shikwambana, the SASCOC COO, also delivered a presentation during the forum. Her presentation focused on important topics such as safeguarding, anti-doping measures, abuse/harassment prevention, and the prevention of violence and humiliation in sports. This presentation highlighted the commitment of SASCOC to creating a safe and inclusive environment for all athletes

The presence of these distinguished guests and their valuable contributions to the forum further emphasized the significance of promoting gender equality in sports. The insights shared by Matlohang Moiloa Ramoqopo and Patience Shikwambana provided a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities in achieving gender equity in the sporting world.

Importance of Gender Equality in Sports

Gender equality in sports is crucial for creating a fair and inclusive environment. It ensures that both men and women have equal opportunities to participate, compete, and excel in sports. By promoting gender equality, we can challenge stereotypes, break barriers, and empower individuals to reach their full potential.

ANOCA’s Efforts in Promoting Gender Equality

ANOCA has been at the forefront of promoting gender equality in sports. The Gender Equality Forum held in Cape Verde is a testament to ANOCA’s commitment to this cause. The forum brought together nearly 200 participants, including representatives from ANOCA’s Gender Equality Commission and various women in sport commissions. These commissions have been instrumental in promoting gender equality in sports across the African continent.