OlympAfrica Executive Director, Alassane Thierno Diack made an official visit to the OlympAfrica Center while enroute to the National Olympic Committee (NOC) in Mozambique. He was in the company of NOC Mozambique Secretary General Penalva Cézar. During the director’s short stint in the country, he urged
EOCGA to apply and seek for more funds. He acknowledged the efforts made by the institution in the construction of the head offices and said it was a commendable achievement, however, he still felt that NOC should apply for more funding and push the International Foundation even if it’s out of the scope of funds made available. He said EOCGA should submit a list of programmes that they intended to embark on before November or December each year in order to get these funds processed. “We are in a continent where the development of sports is nonexistent as thus, it should be us advocating for that, not just in sports but also in the development of our children in different spheres’’ he said.

He also encouraged the association to evaluate the needs of children around the center and surrounding schools and then come up with an idea that would channel OlympAfrica to assist along those lines. He concluded by expressing the leaps done by other OACs around the world through their assistance and that we as Eswatini can use as a benchmark. In his own remarks, EOCGA President, Adam Mthethwa said they were proud of the historic relationship with the international foundation which amasses to over 20 years . He said the foundation has contributed a lot to the development of sports in the country and the over E1 million that has been spent recently in the resurfacing of the multi-purpose courts and at the center is proof of that.
The OlympAfrica Center has a new face-lift with the full completion of the resurfacing of all the two remaining multi-purpose courts which, according to the demarcations, will be used for teqball, basketball, netball, tennis and futsal. The courts will be ready for use in less than a weeks time from the completion day. Associations and the general public at large have access to these facilities upon making prior booking arrangements through the Admin Manager at mbali.dlamini@eocga.org.sz .