Despite facing tough competition and not achieving any podium finishes in the recently completed African Games in Accra, Ghana, Team Eswatini’s courageous efforts did not go unnoticed. Accounts and Audit firm, Kobla Quashie, showed their appreciation for the team by hosting a special dinner in their honor. As a Ghanaian consular to Eswatini, Quashie emphasized that this gesture aimed to encourage the athletes in their respective disciplines. The close calls and near-misses served as proof that with focused preparations, podium finishes are indeed attainable.

The kind gesture and hospitality provided by Quashie were greatly appreciated by Maxwell Jele, CEO of the Eswatini Olympic and Commonwealth Games Association (EOCGA). Jele recognized this act as a sign of the strong diplomatic ties between the two countries. He took the opportunity to appeal to the sports fraternity and the nation as a whole to support these athletes in their endeavors. Jele acknowledged that such support would not only contribute to the success of the athletes but also foster positive relationships between Eswatini and Ghana.

Furthermore, it is worth mentioning that all the participants of Team Eswatini in the African Games will be receiving certificates of participation from the Olympic office. This recognition serves as a testament to their dedication and commitment to representing their country on the continental stage.

Despite not having any athletes who outright qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics, the local disciplines in Eswatini still have a chance to make their mark in upcoming competitions. The experience gained from the African Games, coupled with continued support and focused training, provides a glimmer of hope for Eswatini athletes to secure qualification for future international events.

In conclusion, Team Eswatini’s efforts at the African Games were acknowledged and appreciated, not only by the host nation but also by the Ghanaian consular and the EOCGA CEO. This recognition not only strengthens diplomatic ties but also highlights the potential for future success with dedicated preparation and support. The athletes’ participation certificates serve as a reminder of their valuable contribution to their country, and despite the absence of outright qualifiers for Paris 2024, there is still hope for Eswatini’s sporting disciplines in upcoming competitions.