EOCGA is proud to recognize and appreciate Malindi Dlamini for successfully completing his MEMOS (Executive Masters Degree in Sports Organisation Management) program which is part of the NOC Management Programmes of Olympic Solidarity. His qualification in this field will enable him to exert this expertise to further capacitate sports professionals working in national or international sports bodies to develop the knowledge to better manage their respective sports organisations. First to congratulate Dlamini was the association’s CEO Maxwell Jele who expressed how pleased they were as an association to offer such a program as its benefits would in return aid in sports development in the country. He hinted that qualifying for such was not automatic but instead a special application available to applicants based on their specialities that would also benefit the organisation.

Malindi is currently attached to the EOCGA as a Communications Consultant, as part of his MEMOS thesis project entailed the development of a comprehensive internal communications strategy for the enhancement of communications between the EOCGA and its membership. He has already started implementing some of these strategies and shall soon be presenting the organisation’s new website to the Assembly as requested by the EOCGA.

The much delighted Dlamini thanked EOCGA and Sincephetelo MVA Fund (employer) for the unending support and echoed that such would have a long impact on the improvement of sports in the kingdom.

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