The EOCGA President, Adam Mthethwa, and CEO, Maxwell Jele traveled to Singapore on Sunday to attend the Elective Commonwealth Games Federation General Assembly, which took place on the 14th-15th November 2023.
The EOCGA CEO confirmed these news, and mentioned that he accompanied the President to this important meeting. Jele further mentioned that the meeting culminated in elections that were held on the 15th. These elections were preceded by Regional meetings and a workshop focused on concluding the new CGF Strategic Plan.

The resultant elections saw Chris Jenkins OBE, a distinguished leader, with a rich history in Commonwealth Sport and Sport for Development, being elected as the President of the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) at the General Assembly in Singapore.

Jenkins secured 64 votes from the 74 member nations and territories, to the 10 of sole opponent Kereyn Smith CNZM, the former CEO of the New Zealand Olympic Committee and Commonwealth Games Association (NZOC) and Vice-President of the CGF.

In his campaign, Jenkins pledged to transform the Games, ensuring it shifts to a truly sustainable model. Central to his agenda were three key commitments: 

Guide the Commonwealth Games to a sustainable model to attract host cities: Jenkins will re-model the Games, reducing the costs of hosting and exploring innovative solutions which allow more countries to host.
Develop and strengthen the Commonwealth Games Associations (CGAs): Utilizing his experience as Vice-President, Jenkins will raise the profile of Commonwealth Sport, and each CGA within their own country, with a youth-focused media strategy which embraces the CGF’s reputation for doing things differently. As well as supporting CGAs to expand their capacity through regional delivery of development programmes.

And last but not least, ensuring all voices are heard: Jenkins is passionate about ensuring all CGAs, from the smallest to the largest, have a voice within the Movement and meaningful participation at every Games. To help achieve this, he will keep open lines of communication, form smaller groups of CGAs to provide input into specific challenges and ensure all meetings and the Games themselves are spread around the Commonwealth to allow all to participate.